Getting your house cleaned in the UAE is only a few clicks away. ONE HAND TRUST is here for all your home needs, from house cleaning to hair salon services. House cleaning is a serious job, so you can let us do it to save time and energy.

Simple, Convenient, and Affordable Way to Book House Cleaning Services

Making your life easier is simple with ONE HAND TRUST. Our services are here for you for every part of your life, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning your house ever again. You can hire ahouse cleaning service Through whatsapp or our website with a few simple clicks. 

Here’s why you should hire a professional house cleaner and more details on the service.

Why Book House Cleaning Services ThroughONE HAND TRUST

We all lead busy lives, and our obligations do not make it easier. You probably want to see a clean house when you arrive home after a long work day. Sadly, it’s not possible without hours of work. However, when you hire a professional cleaner from ONE HAND TRUST, you don’t have to lift a finger for a shiny house. Many prefer hiring a house cleaning service because it will save them hours to spend them with your loved or simply doing what you love instead.

What is House Cleaning Service?

House cleaning is no easy task; with ONE HAND TRUST, you can leave it to the  professionals. ONE HAND TRUST‘s house cleaning service includes everything you need for a clean home. Our professionals are well-trained & equipped to clean your house with the best Materials and tools.

What are your House Cleaning Services?

Now, let’s see what are our house cleaning service when you hire ONE HAND TRUST. Of course, we welcome instructions and guidance about your preferences if any.

Which Professional House Cleaner Will Come To My Place?

We will send you the best and most qualified cleaning professionals to clean your house. Depending on the size of your home and  needs.

How Can I Skip or Reschedule House Cleaning Bookings?

It is easy to reschedule your house cleaning appointments with ONE HAND TRUST! Message or email us to do so.

How Much Do House Cleaning Services Cost?

House cleaning prices are fixed for standard cleaning service :
35 AED/h for 0 to 2 hours
30AED/h  for 2 to 6 hours

Deep Cleaning : 50AED/h/maid
Disinfection : 60AED/h/maid

Are Home Cleaning Services Worth It?

When you hire a house cleaning company, you will save a lot of time to spend with your loved ones. Also, professional house cleaners are the best choice if you find it boring or hard to do the physical work.

How Much Do You Tip For A House Cleaning Service?

A little tip can go a long way toward rewarding our hardworking professionals. However, it’s absoloutly up to your own discretion and  not mandatory.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A House Professionally?

It heavily depends on the size of your house and how cluttered it is, but our professionals are trained to be time efficient. it usually takes 1 hour to 4 hours.

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