Electrical Works

Are you aware of the hazards in the places where electrical works are not done properly? It calls for absolute accuracy otherwise you may come across huge electrical bills or even short circuits that cause loss of property and lives. We offer best electrical works services in Dubai, UAE.

Let your home, office, warehouse or any living/work space be as good as new with ONE HAND TRUST Team. Trust this leader in maintenance for quality service and expertise! You can trust your space, to well-trained & experienced professionals of ONE HAND TRUST Team. We do best quality electrical repairing services

We work tirelessly to provide hassle-free, safe & time-tested solutions. We also help you installation services for ellectrical appliances. Whether it is Living or commercial spaces, we offer comprehensive & refurbishment services. We, take all the stress out from your life to keep your space clean & functional. We have best electrical technicians in UAE.

  • Electrical repais and maintainance.
  • Fixing Sockets and Switches.
  • Fixing Lights and Lamps.
  • Installation of Electrical Appliances.
  • Installation of LED Lights.
  • New DB Design and Installation
  • Comply with health and safety regulation.
  • A complete suite of electrical works provided by our trusted and proficient electricians.​
  • Implement power efficient electrical system to optimize the use of energy and also decrease utility bills.
  • Help you to maintain a power system to prevent fire incidents as well as other hazards.
  • Follow maximum safety process so that you do not have to tamper the electrical system.
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