Deep cleaning

What is Deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning, provided by One Hand Trust, is a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning service that encompasses a thorough approach to revitalize your home. Our expert team goes above and beyond regular cleaning routines, ensuring every corner is scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed from top to bottom. Our deep cleaning service involves meticulous attention to detail, targeting hard-to-reach areas and hidden spaces, eliminating stubborn dirt, grime, and accumulated dust. We not only focus on cleaning surfaces but also disinfect appliances, declutter, and organize drawers and closets. Additionally, we address any broken or missing home elements, leaving your living space not only clean but also well-maintained. Let One Hand Trust transform your home with our exceptional deep cleaning service, giving you a refreshed and sparkling environment to enjoy.

What is the difference between deep cleaning and regular house cleaning?

While regular house cleaning focuses on maintaining a tidy and presentable living space, deep cleaning delves into a more intensive and comprehensive approach. Deep cleaning addresses accumulated dirt, hidden dust, and grime, ensuring a pristine environment and healthier living conditions.


What is typically included in a deep clean?

One Hand Trust meticulously scrubs, dusts, and vacuums all surfaces, leaving no corner untouched. We eliminate stubborn dirt and grime, disinfect various surfaces, and tackle hard-to-reach areas for a thorough and spotless clean.

What is the description of deep cleaning services by One Hand Trust?

Our deep cleaning services provide a rejuvenating cleanse to your entire home. Our expert team meticulously cleans and disinfects every nook and cranny, resulting in a spotless and inviting living space.

How do you prepare for a deep house clean?

Before the deep clean, our team assesses your home’s needs and creates a personalized cleaning plan. Equipped with eco-friendly products, we ensure a thorough and safe deep cleaning process.

Questions about Deep Cleaning?

How Much Do Deep Cleaning Service Cost?

  • Deep cleaning prices are fixed  at ONEHANDTRUST as follows : 
    50Aed/h/maid for a studio to 1BHK’s
  • 45/h/maid for larger apartments and villas
  • For Warehouses, Offices a commercial contact us at 0567234117.

How often should you deep clean your house?

For optimal results, we recommend deep cleaning once or twice a year, depending on your home’s specific needs and lifestyle.

How long does a deep cleaning take?

The duration depends on your home’s size and cleaning requirements. On average, deep cleaning may take 2 to 6hours, 2 being the time required to deep clean a Studio apartment and 6 for larger spaces.

Is deep cleaning really necessary?

Absolutely! Deep cleaning eradicates allergens, dust, and germs, contributing to improved indoor air quality and overall well-being.

What happens if you never deep clean your house?

Neglecting deep cleaning can impact indoor air quality and cause health concerns. Regular deep cleaning is essential for a clean and healthy living environment.

What is the secret to a clean house?

At One Hand Trust, our dedicated and expert team, attention to detail, and eco-friendly cleaning methods ensure a clean and inviting home for our clients.

How do I clean my house like a professional?

Focus on decluttering, prioritizing high-traffic areas, and using quality cleaning products and tools for effective results.

How do you deep clean a bedroom?

Deep cleaning a bedroom involves dusting, vacuuming carpets and upholstery, cleaning windows, disinfecting frequently touched areas, and refreshing bedding for a pristine sleeping space.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

  • Eliminates hidden dirt, dust, and allergens
  • Improves indoor air quality and promotes better health
  • Removes stubborn stains and grime
  • Extends the life of furniture and fixtures
  • Creates a fresh and inviting living environment
  • Reduces the risk of pest infestations
  • Enhances the appearance of your home
  • Increases the effectiveness of regular cleaning efforts
  • Helps maintain a tidy and organized living space
  • Promotes a healthier and more hygienic home environment.
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